Together, dog and man discover what they could not find alone: healing from their past, purpose in the present, freedom for their future. Dog Down. Man Up. Win-Win.

The story begins at a point of renewal. Unadoptable shelter dogs, like Lindy, are given a second chance. Prison inmates, like Perry, have the opportunity to redeem their dignity. Through a simple but intensive basic obedience training program, these inmates prepare the dogs to be adopted into loving homes. In parallel, prisoners are transformed by the dogs’ unconditional love, learning how to respect themselves and others.

Dog Down. Dogs learn basic commands such as “Down!”—that can save their lives. Man Up. Prisoners gain confidence and learn to get along with others—qualities that transform their lives. Win-Win. Everyone benefits. Dogs live in loving homes and their families gain a well-trained companion; prisoners earn and retain their freedom; and society as a whole is improved. Dog Down. Man Up. Win-Win.

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